Tangible Personal Property

The Property Appraiser is also responsible for appraising tangible personal property. This includes furniture and appliances in commercial property.

Mapping Services

The Property Appraiser is responsible for a wide range of mapping services. Maintaining current maps is a key part of the entire appraisal process. Your Property Appraiser exerts tremendous energy to ensure that changes in Gadsden County are quickly reflected in the County maps. These maps are available for use by County and municipal agencies, commercial users and others who have a need to see a graphic representation of Gadsden County.

Emergency Services

The Property Appraiser was a key player in developing and recording the 911 Emergency files. This critical capability allows emergency and public safety officers to identify virtually every inhabited parcel of property in Gadsden County. Response time to emergency calls and the potential for saving lives has been helped immeasurably by developing this on line data file.